How it works

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Install Extension

Our Google Chrome extension makes it easy to get started.

  • Download from Google’s App Store
  • Enjoy a User friendly interface
  • Use it on any computer with a Chrome Browser

Begin your Search

The sky is the limit with our searching capabilities.

  • Search through social networks
  • Use Google for more advanced searching
  • Add prospects with a single click of a button

Export Prospects

Work your prospects in your system of choice.

  • Create lists to organize your prospects
  • Export to Excel and import into other systems
  • Push prospects directly into with a single click of a button

Grow your pipeline today!


What Is Sales.Ninja?

Sales.Ninja is the simplest, quickest and most accurate list building tool that you can use to improve your prospecting and accelerate sales results.

Who Is It For?

Sales, marketing and even HR professionals – anyone who spends time prospecting or developing lists to be used for prospecting will find that Sales.Ninja is built for them.

How Much Does It Cost?

Zero. That’s right…nothing. It’s free to get started. You can become a charter Ninja and enjoy 25 records for free.