Like a Boss

Sales.Ninja is the only tool that takes

the busy work out of prospecting.

Efficient. Simple.


The Simplest & Most Accurate Listing Building Tool You've Ever Used for Prospecting


Getting started is as simple as adding an extension to Google Chrome. Getting email addresses and prospect information is as quick as hitting a button. Sales.Ninja is simple and easy-to-use, allowing you to stay focused on what matters.

Less time digging

According to research done by Forrester Research, access to effective data is one of the primary barriers to increasing lead generation results. Now you’ll have accurate email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information available within seconds.

Build effective lists

The Glengarry leads have nothing on Sales.Ninja. Using the search features available in B2B social media platforms, you can build highly targeted, accurate lists to guide your prospecting. This huge time-saver allows you to stay focused on what you do best… selling!

Use Google search to build your lists

Use the power of Google to access records on a social network and build your list including contacts that you have no connection to or may only be available through a premium membership to the social platform.

Find contact data immediately

With Sales.Ninja, when you come across a contact’s name on any website, you are able to highlight it, right click and search for that person using Google or social media platforms.

Export to Excel or Salesforce

Keep your CRM up-to-date and populate campaigns easily. You can export an unlimited number of prospects directly to your account or Excel file right from the tool.

Build lists right from your social media

Sales.Ninja works the way you do. Right from your social media applications, you can access contact email addresses, phone numbers, titles, industry, company size, website URL, and more. Social selling has never been more powerful!

It’s Free to get started!

What’s more? Getting started with Sales.Ninja Prospector is free! You can access 25 records as a charter Ninja. Check out our pricing and premium options for more information.

Direct Dial Numbers

Why waste time trying to get past the gatekeepers? Studies have shown that calling a list of direct lines will take up to 50% less dials to connect with a prospect. Let us help you locate direct dial numbers with a single click of a button!

What Is Sales.Ninja?

Sales.Ninja is the simplest, quickest and most accurate list building tool that you can use to improve your prospecting and accelerate sales results.

Who Is It For?

Sales, marketing and even HR professionals – anyone who spends time prospecting or developing lists to be used for prospecting will find that Sales.Ninja is built for them.

How Much Does It Cost?

Zero. That’s right…nothing. It’s free to get started. You can become a charter Ninja and enjoy 25 records for free.